Our Founding

The Belt and Road Fintech Development Centre (BNR Fintech for short) was founded in Hong Kong SAR in August 2017, and is made up of industry leaders from the BnR economic region. The BnR Initiative, proposed by the largest economic force in Asia – China, is set to be the largest global cooperative of this century. Fintech, a revolution in the financial sector that has taken pace worldwide, could possibly conjure winds of change that would match that of the internet revolution. Our centre’s operations is built upon the foundations created by these two massive global trends.

Development Background

Since the launch of the BnR Initiative, project contracting, investor funding and consumer growth have been the focus of all countries lining the region. Since 2013, civilian efforts to respond proactively to the call of President Xi Jinping can be seen in every corner of the Chinese society. Till date, with thousands of projects transacted, we could only imagine the scale of financial support and investments needed to finally complete the reconstruction and re-population of the economic region.

In the recent years, the financial world has seen a new revolution of change. Led by Blockchain technology, businesses and think-tanks are getting their hands busy in their attempts to rewrite the rules of transaction in the modern economy.

Development Direction

Our centre believes that through the application of Fintech in various sectors of development within the framework of the BnR Initiative, we would be able to build massive bridges of collaboration for our corporate partners, and thereby contribute to the economic prosperity of the region combined. With this thought in mind, we put together an experienced and diversified board of advisors, and with openness and inclusion, hope to ride the 2 greatest waves of this century with our corporate partners.

一带一路金融科技发展中心 Belt and Road Fintech Development Centre
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