• Information Exchange

    Our centre operates and maintains the Belt and Road Fintech Portal (, an information portal that pools together useful information regarding the BnR Initiative, possible investment opportunities and collaborative ideas. Lending aid from our experienced board of advisors, we aim to provide for our corporate partners and audience the latest and most accurate information.

  • Project Bridging

    Our experienced and well connect board of advisors and team will call upon their business networks to help bridge various BnR related projects, especially where there is an opportunity for the application of Fintech concepts, thereby doing our part for the global economic cooperative.

  • Policy Guidance

    While we work tirelessly to help our partners in areas of economic benefit, we also help governments of the various regions explain and transfer policy and knowledge to the ground, and in so doing, achieve a higher state of synergy between the policy makers and business leaders.

Operational Model

In the end, we hope our efforts would help bring about business and economic progress along the BnR economic region, through the innovative application of Fintech functions, and ultimately contribute to the long term prosperity of the region.

  • Resource GatheringOur centre continual puts together resources from the government, business, learning, industry organizations and professional bodies, strengthening our advisory board and widening the network of resources we are able to summon.

  • Capital FunnelingThe management body of our centre will separately seek out potential investment bodies, and help funnel capital to the projects brought in through our centre’s network.

  • Collaborative PlatformOur advisory board provides the first hand information regarding Fintech and the BnR Initiative to our information portal, at the same time help bridge projects and investment through participating in our own events or third party activities.

  • Asset Development The combination of Resource and Capital would see to the ultimately development business assets along the BnR region. We would focus our efforts on 3 major sectors – Infrastructure,New Technologies and Culture Development, we believe these 3 aspects to be the foundation of a long term global economic cooperative across the BnR regions.

一带一路金融科技发展中心 Belt and Road Fintech Development Centre
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