Council Members

Mr. Jerome Ang

Vice Chairman, Asia Prestige Alliance
Chairman, DH Tech Global Limited
Vice President, Global Chinese Merchant’s Association


President, Logicquest Technology Inc.(US:LOGQ)
Chief Economic Advisor, Cambodia Co-Ruling Party, FUNCINPEC
Chairman, Cheung Sheng Global Holdings Limited
AG1, 3rd Division, Singapore Armed Forces

Mr. Zhu Xin Yue

Chairman, Beijing BSD Cultural Development Limited
Nakai University EMBA
Researcher, Sino-Japanese Management School
Chief Editor, China Precision Management Portal
Chief Editor, China Entrepreneurs Global Learning Portal


Vice President, PKU School of Precision Management
Publisher of Bestseller – Precision Management

Strategic Partners

Mr. Zhang Jun

Current Credentials

President of Ministry of culture of One Belt And One Road township development investment committee
President of EMBA Beijing alumni association of Nankai University

Previous Credentials

Double master degree from MBA royal university of Canada and EMBA of Nankai University.
Ten years of high management experience in various multi-billions enterprises, possess deep understanding in industrial real estate strategic positioning, business model, investment promotion measures and construction operation. It has some theoretical and practical experience in residential real estate, manufacturing, new energy, Internet and other industries. Possess good understanding of financial instruments and good at using financial instruments as the link to sustain and develop an ecosystem of the related industries.

Prof. Wang Quanxi

Current Credentials

Dean of finance management, nankai university
Special researcher of state administration in taxation research
Director of Tianjin institute of finance
Director of Tianjin Bohai Rim Research Institute
Director of Tianjin Tax Advisory Association
Director of the Enterprise research center of nankai university
Secretary-general of Tianjin Institute of Management
Independent Director of Huandao Group Secretary-general of Nankai University
HuaShen Chinese Provincial Education Scholarship
Independent Director of Bohai group
Researcher of Nankai Bohai Institute of Finance Research

Previous Credentials

Deputy Dean of MBA Center of Nankai University
Dean of EMBA Centre of Nankai Universi

Mr. Zhang Jin

Current Credentials

Business Director of China Center for International Economic Exchanges Ltd
Director of Strategic Planning

Previous Credentials

Graduated from Zhongnan University of Economics and law in 1992, have successively held high management positions in large state-owned enterprises.
Took office in 2010 as a national level senior think-tank business director, with abundant resources integration ability, and excellent project implementation capacity, took cares and manage many national level ministries, local governments and large project strategic planning. He has gained good reputation from leaders at all levels.

Mr. Winfried Bostelmann

German Consultant
Current Credentials

Chairman of BVMW China
Chairman of FAMCO Management Consulting(Wuhan)Co.,Ltd.
ESC - Entrepreneurial SoildConsult
onsultancy Network, Founding Member and Executive Partner, Global

Previous Credentials

Inveos CTH Gmbh, Hamburg Senior Consultant, Strategic Management Bos. Asset Consulting GMbH, Hamburg Managing Director Dresdner Bank AG in Hamburg, Humburg Asset Manager / International Capital Markets

Mr. Zhao Qiang

Current Credentials

Master of Business Administration EMBA at Cheung Kong School of Business (1st Batch) China's first ten enterprise planners
One of the top ten marketing experts in China
Recipient of the "golden tripod award" – China marketing highest Honor award
Chairman of Industry experts of the c-level executive club of Tsinghua University
Senior consultant of "China Marketing" and "China Business Journal " magazine
Chief marketing consultant of Haier audio and video business unit.

Previous Credentials

Founding partner and President of RainbowTech, USA, provides overseas production and warehousing services for world's top 500 companies. Asia Pacific adviser and China President of Carbonite, a nasdaq-listed company in cloud storage.


《Learn the Art of Marketing from Chairman Mao》
《Boss Pingsha promoted you》
《Leave the company you are nothing》
《营销《Marketing will be the champion》

Prof. Jerzy Rzymank

Poland Consultant
Current Credentials

Chairman of Central and Eastern European (CEE) Trade and Commerce Association

Prof. Rzymank is a strong advocate of One Belt One Road and‘16+1’ economic framework. He had led several trips to various part of China such as Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang for the purpose of forging bilateral economic ties. Prof. Rzymank also the architect behind the “China Investment Forum” held regularly in Prague.

Mr. Zhu Hong

Current Credentials

Founder and President of Huayue Network Media
Founder of
Director of Harvard club of United States
Member and entrance interviewer of Harvard University
Director of NECINA, New England Chinese Information and Networking Association
Founding director of OCEAN, the American Chinese entrepreneur association

Previous Credentials

Founding partner and President of RainbowTech, USA, provides overseas production and warehousing services for world's top 500 companies. Asia Pacific adviser and China President of Carbonite, a nasdaq-listed company in cloud storage. Founder and President of Niuguwang and main inventor of stock index investing.

Prof. lvana Majickova

Czech Republic Consultant
Current Credentials

Mayor of Kunovice

Kunovice houses Czech Republic’s top tier university business incubation facilities, propagating research and development in mechanical, electronics, aviation, Information technologies, chemical engineering, and hydropower management systems, making it the centre of management for the regions water supply. Kunovice also has the strongest European small aircraft R & D centre and production base. Aircraft that comes from this production base are sold all over the world.

Prof. Lin Huichun

Current Credentials

Director of Tsinghua Zijing innovation Institute training Center
Researcher of One Belt And One Road research Institute of Beijing Normal University
Managing partner of
Japan Powerise Corporation

Previous Credentials

Vice president of Powerise Information Technology Co., Ltd (000787)
CEO of Powerise International Software Co. LtdCEO
Vice president of Chinasoft International Limited (HK354)
apan Powerise Corporation President CEO of Japan Powerise Corporation


《West point》
《Limited resources, unlimited creativity》
《The liberation leader》

Mr. Syed Eqbal Hassan

India Consultant
Current Credentials

Chairman of Indo-China Business Solution
Chairman of India Empire Trading Co. Ltd.
India Crown International Travel Co. Ltd.

Previous Credentials

Mr. Hasson previously held positions in All India Radio, India China Business Association, and India trading company. Mr. Hasson was also the Special Administrative Assistant of India’s Minister of Foreign Affairs and Minister of Culture.

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